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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

RANDOMLY Bumped intooooo

After one day of one whole song filled with push ups at the gym, I woke up with sore arms and a sore chest. So today, I skipped gym and asked Ivan to give me a company instead. What's more guilty than skipping the gym? It is skipping gym and go have heavy dinner instead.. *PWNED*

So anyway, I was planning to try Nobuzen at PIK. But after parking the car, somehow Ivan dragged me to Iga Bakar. I never tried the ribs in that restaurant before.. Lemme just show the pics.. 

New Menus with discounted price. I told Ivan to order one.. LOL.. *a true asian*

Waiting patiently for the food.. 

Surprised at the size of the double ribs I ordered. This one is Iga Bakar Pedas.. They said this one is the favorite dish.. But boo, the sambal isn't that spicy and somehow, I keep catching this smell of sambal being refrigerated for days while eating the ribs. It was just an Okay Dish.. It's basically cow ribs, grilled with sweet soy sauce..

The whole meal

This dish is definitely the highlight of the meal. It's a new menu called Iga sambal dabu dabu.. YUMMIEH.. As we know it, Sambal Dabu Dabu is from Manado.. Who knew it would taste so YUMMIEH on top of ribs!?
The sambal dabu dabu is made out of shallots, lots of little cuts of chillis, cherry tomatoes, basil with a splash of lime. It's savory, spicy, sour, all combined in perfect harmony. This is definitely the winning traditional dish with a twist!!

Cah Mix. You can mix all the veggies.. We ordered veggies for the sake of being healthy *sigh at cholesterol* 

The Hungry Master still trying to eat the bones due to insufficient amount of food

I can make X man sign with the bones!!

It's longer than my face

Not satisfied yet, we walked down the street trying to find a place for dessert.. We were just walking randomly, when out of the blue, *SPOTTED* Hanny, Bowo and Tifanny was sitting in bobabits..

She was quite taken aback seeing us randomly walking towards her. With no shame, Ivan and I joined them and stayed there.. 

It turned out, the drink that Ivan ordered yesterday was Caramel Apple Milk Tea.. and I confidently said that it was a cheesecake milk tea.. Not sure how I got mixed up with the whole thing.. 

Hanny and Tiffany, enjoying their drinks

Epic picture with bubble ornaments..

I ordered Strawberry Milk Tea but the hot one instead of a cold one..

At last, I get to try the bubble/big boba.. Ivan wanna order the small boba, but we're still too late! It's finished! 

Chicken Popcorn which Hanny kept ordering. It tastes like chicken nuggets

Group picture 1, not sure what Bowo was doing..

At last, a decent photo with straight faces..

Mr. I WANNA EAT ALL and Mrs. I CAN'T EAT THESE ALL (my eyes is very level:chinese)

As the night went by, the place is getting more cramped up. Since today was a weekday, I didn't expect that the place will be this packed.. Bobabits is actually a comfortable place to hang. But if you're sitting outside, it's better to put on some anti-mosquitoes spray on your legs. They actually provide it for you. You just gotta ask the waiter for it..

I rate Iga Bakar's food for 9/10 for the Iga sambal dabu dabu. It was EPIC! It's really my type of food.. For a traditional dish, this one is quite the catch..

I rate bobabit's drinks for 7/10. Some of the drinks are just to sweet for me. But I like the fact that they have unique drinks, such as creme brulee milk tea, cocoa hazelnut milk tea, coconut milk tea, just to name a few. It's very intriguing, makes you wanna try all types of drinks there..

The next thing I know, TENG was there as well. She was quite shocked when I semi-screamed her name. She was just getting off from work and we chatted for a bit. It's not long that she began to be 'mischievous'. When I returned to my table, she crawled and sprayed lots of anti-mosquitoes spray on to my feet. I was like 'what the hell is this thing spraying cold stuffs on my feet?'..

 and she did it TWICE.. -_____-"

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