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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bandung Trip!

Bandung, the nearest get away city for Jakarta citizens. The MOST polite people are mostly there I guess. But most of all, in this city, there are tons of YUMMY food.

First stop,

Freshly made everyday! Just looking at this picture makes me drool for some more batagor! The crispiness of the outer layer combined with the tenderness of the fillings, not forgetting the yummy peanut sauce! AUHHHHHH TWO THUMBS UP.. and four including my toes!

The Kingsley Bakso.. I always wonder how the hell Indonesian meatballs look grey and is very different with other meatballs from other countries..

I couldn't take my eyes off of the boiling water.. It's just.. so.. *drool some more*

The famous Mie Kocok.. If we translated this to English, it would be called Shaken Noodles which pretty much sounded like a bad ass kung fu trick.. They way they cooked it is by stirring the noodles all the time and that's how it came up with its name

Another thing why I love to come here is because of the SNACKS! There are numerous piles of snack behind this numerous piles! It's like 'snack land'. You can find every Indonesian snack starting from fried intestines to simple cheese stick.. A TRUE INDONESIAN SNACK!

Second stop, 

Oh how much I love Bandung.. :)

This is the view the moment you entered the place

Oh sweet heavens, on the right side there are shelves filled with various cookies! Sorry bout the lady, she just won't budge away!

On the left side of the door, TADAAAAA, yummy cakessss!

They even sell so many food outside this place.. I always buy the strawberry juice which you can buy in front of Primarasa.. It's nothing special, but it's Bandung. Somehow I just feel that it's a tradition to drink strawberry juice in here..

Tahu Pletok are sold in front.. You actually have to eat this with the sauce, it's sweet and spicy.. I took this picture because they were freshly fried and I just couldn't resist!!

I bought their famous picnic roll, apple pie, fermented cassava pie (my favorite), banana molen, brownies for Sara and Andreas, and of course, Bandung potato chips.. It's almost like you have to fight to buy them. The pies are always freshly baked and it runs out in minutes time, especially when the place is crowded with Jakarta people. They're still so warm when I bought it. I just couldn't resist eating it on the car.. 

Third Stop, 
SAPU LIDI (click to go to their web)
They originally opened the place at Lembang, but the one I visited is in Cihampelas, their franchise.. 

They divided the place into several areas, this one is my favorite. It has a lounge atmosphere, with a twist of post-modern ethnic urban decoration

They use a lot of potteries for decoration, which I think is very suitable with the theme of the restaurant

Unique decoration by using worn out Wayang Kulit

This is just another spacious area on the left side of the place

Menus are even very ethnic

As far as I remember, the first time we dated, he's not this chubby.. 

You can eat outside too. Under the shades and enjoy the cool breeze of Bandung

I ordered this dish called Tahu Bakar. I picked it out randomly and have no idea how it's gonna be like

When I opened the banana leaf, I was quite amazed. It was still steaming hot as you can see and soooo fragrant! I love Sundanese food! <3 <3

Grilled Nila fish with Sapu Lidi special sauce.. OH MY GOD, this grilled fish is THE BOMBDIGITTY!! It's so good!! As I eat it, I can smell the hint of charcoal and the fragrance of the spices in the sauce.. YUMMY!! 

If you have visited the original Sapu Lidi at Lembang, you'll find many differences between the two of them. This one is more for a cafe/resto while the other one is more of a resort. I rated the place for 8.5/10, Overall, the food for 8.5/10 as well

We're not done yet.. Next stop,
POTLUCK (click to visit their Facebook page)

The first view when you enter the place

A cafe with a library concept. You can actually borrow the books

The place is too cute with so many creative decorations

Talking about being creative, how cute is that hanging on the other side of the room


They actually provide you with 2 rooms for more privacy. This Robusta room happened to be empty, so I went in for a picture

Pardon my narcissism  

A great place for a photo shoot or movie settings 

This is strawberry monster. It's so delicious! Basically it's coffee with strawberry milk, strawberry ice cream and oreos. Trust me, it's YUMMY

Mine is very safe, it's Vanilla Chocolate. I'd prefer the Strawberry Monster!

Chicken wrap

Chicken Parmigiana 

Chicken Stroganoff with buttered rice

For Potluck, I think the place is very cozy for hanging out. I'd prefer to order drinks rather than the food there. For the place and service, I rated the place 9/10. For the drinks 8.5/10. The food 6/10

There are tons of cute places like this in Bandung and each of them has different unique concepts. It's been fun to actually go there and review the places there. Going to Bandung is really the cheapest, the nearest get away destination.. 

The other thing that I enjoy the most beside eating in Bandung is Shopping in Bandung. I went to every distro I found. The best part was most of them are ON SALE.. Nyahahahahaha.. Yeah, I'm cheap for SALE stuffs.. I found it more satisfying to shop on discounted items

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