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Monday, 16 January 2012

Foster the People (PART 2) and Bu Sum

Not quite done yet with the post previous to this one.. Lately, it's been so hectic that I got no spare time to go online. Either I have been so worn out that I went straight to bed or I have been so lazy that I just sit watching whatever shit they're showing on TV..

Backing up a bit to Foster the People.. I have pictures that I took from my blackberry. It wasn't that good, but I just wanna show it..

I think this is the perfect memes to explain how I felt when I'm watching the concert yesterday..

I literally snatched it from Ivan's hand

Oh oh oh, did I tell you HOW EPIC THE CONCERT WASSSSS!!!???

Okay.. I have to admit I was quite narcissistic that night.. *Guilty as charged*


I have other pictures that I took from my blackberry in Bu Sum (at the same street before Mangga Dua ITC). The place only opens at 10 p.m and they're closed on weekends.. It's just a typical cheap nasi (rice) uduk  restaurant, but what makes it special is that we are offered with varieties of food choices to accompany our nasi uduk.. Even national actors and actress came here to have supper.. Let me just show the pictures..

The food goes from this side to that other side of this perpendicular table. I was very much excited to see the choices of food and it really turned on a feeding frenzy side of me..

 This dish belonged to Ivan. He ordered just the right amount of side dishes for his uduk rice.. 

I wasn't even that hungry by that time. But seeing all the yummy food being presented in front of your face just made me a little bit crazy.. Obviously I didn't finish all this. I couldn't even if I wanted to. Since Mr. 'Hungry all the time' was there, he finished his meal and mine as well..

I gave this place a two thumbs up for cheap traditional food. I will definitely go back here for supper.. The steaming hot uduk rice, the savory side dishes, the cramped up place filled with customers and plastic chairs, they all are very INDONESIAN.. Very much likely to be recommended for those of you who like traditional food..

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures.. I didn't bring my camera since they didn't allow to bring one to the concert..

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