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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Seconds after 2012 and before that

Ivan took this shot of me with no make up and messy hair as if I've just been mobbed. And of course, with Riyan and the guitar.. 

Epic real memes by Teng

Nothing like the view from a 25th floor when the cars down there were not moving one bit

Durian Ice with cendol plus the creamiest durian juice I've ever had.. 
Yeah, we're all just 20 years old and all of us are in a brink or has fallen to the brink of what's so called..

Cholesterol, Y U EXIST?! *isn't this the perfect memes or what?*
Look at Ivan's biceps.. My nagging works!

Yes yes yes, 2011 had been AMAZING!!! It just passed with a blink of an eye and before you know it, it's DOOMSYEAR.. Okay I gotta stop saying that it's a doomsyear, I don't even believe in it. Hell, I refuse the prediction that 2012 is the DOOMSYEAR. I haven't done a thing that could make me feel like I was meant for something. Hell, I haven't even lived! So I refuse, I refuse, I refuse you MAYANS! If the Mayans can know so much about everything, where the hell are they now anyway? What kinda of jerk predicted all kinds of right things, including the so called doomsday, then just disappeared without leaving any traces behind.. MAJOR JERKS

Enough with that. So, the earliest event that I'm looking forward to in the early 2012 is FOSTER THE PEOPLE concert, which is next week on the 11th of Jan 2012. So excited for it.

Okay, since I got nothing to write, I'm just gonna blabber this

First movie I watched in 2012

Basically, I watched this movie due to all the chinese cultures inside it. And also, where else can u watch Hugh Jackman sings a mandarin song(really badly)?

First new restaurant I tried in 2012

It's a place that has been opened since a year ago I guess. But I never had the chance to visit it. It's called NUZZY'S

Three words for this Canneloni, OH MY GAWWWDDDDDDD! It's cheesy, creamy and the hint of pesto above it is just like a cherry on top. The fillings are chicken and mushrooms. It's so yummy that I keep staring at the dish while Ivan was happily eating it. While I order just only the Salad.. Well, not that it's not good, the salad is really good, but I just regret of being a healthy hypocrite when what I really want was just that Canneloni!

See, even the salad looks so YUMMY

Quesadillas with Guacamole that Ivan ordered. Not really a fan of it since it's dry. But he seemed to enjoy eating all of it.

Thumbs up for cute tea cups..

The price is very much affordable! The place is cozy and comfy. I rate it 8.5/10. Definitely going back for other menus..

Last but not least, I wish all of us will be blessed with bundles of happiness in 2012. Let's just hope the Mayans predicted wrongly. and I still don't know how to stop seeing 9gag. 

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